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Patriots Heckle Nancy Pelosi At A Town Hall Meeting

Ol’ Pelosi was out and about, speaking at a Town Hall in Arizona when some patriots decided to heckle the hard left liberal — though it’s not clear WHY she was there — probably just for an easy payday. How is it that she’s worth around $40,000,000 anyhow? Are these small speaking engagements really paying them this well? Well OpenSecrets has a list of her (possible?) assets and I honestly found it pretty interesting. Check it out here some time. As Written, Reported By and Seen First On Fox News: Rep. Nancy Pelosi was heckled by a woman at a...

/ March 13, 2018

This Is The End Of Kathy Griffin’s Career; Advertisers Are Dropping Like Flies

When the Clinton's aren't defending you, you know you've screwed up!

/ May 31, 2017

Graham Drops a BOMBSHELL on Clinton

Senator Lindsey Graham is weighing in and has a pretty amazing “bombshell” in regards to Clinton. He believes operatives inside the campaign itself emailed the Justice Department while the investigation was on-going. That’s pretty big! Even her own staffers may have been involved in the leaks! He went on to speak about former FBI Director Robert Mueller as “special counsel” to the investigation of a Trump / Russia collusion and said he’s yet to see any evidence of criminal activity thus far… which seems to be an on-going theme, doesn’t it? Watch the latest video at As Written by...

/ May 18, 2017

Family Of “FB Killer” Victim Ready To Forgive

But is the rest of the nation? Nope...

/ April 19, 2017