Celebrity “Role Model” Encourages Women to “Be A S*ut”

There is a lot of pressure on celebrities to maintain their reputation as role models. Even if they do not want this kind of attention, it comes with the job.

When these people get in trouble and are called out for being bad influences, most try to say that they never asked for such responsibility but there’s truth behind why fans look up to them – because what they were doing was considered professional or worthy enough by others.

Sadly, the role models that the youth of America have today are a complete disgrace and should not even have a job doing what they’re doing because they are such a negative influence.

The people that kids have to look up to today are either racists, communists, or whores. Some of the names that comes to mind are LeBron James, Nicki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus, but there are dozens more.

Now, another “role model” celebrity who has only progressively gotten worse over the last few years took things too far once again.

Singer and LGBT activist Demi Lovato encouraged followers to “be a slut” and make their own porn in a post to social media promoting prostitution, which was euphemistically described as “sex work.”

The former Disney star posted an image to her Instagram stories Monday, which told followers to “Be a slut. Show your body. Get naked. Have all the safe, different, consensual sex you want. Be Kinky. Masturb*te. Make/watch porn. Make money.”

“Just a reminder that being sexual is okay,” the post closed.

In the whole process of trying to be more “inclusive” of everyone, people have completely abandoned all sense of morality.

You may know that this is just the latest stupid decision that Lovato has made after she came out as “nonbinary” earlier this year and wanting to use the pronouns “they/them”. I don’t give a crap. She’s a she. I’m not going to screw up proper English nor bow a knee to illogical and non-scientific propaganda.

Daily Wire

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