Charges Dropped Against Black Michigan Man Who Beat Elderly White Nursing Home Patients

True justice must be blind to skin color, ethnicity, or gender. It’s becoming increasingly more obvious that this is no longer true in America. Lady Justice is not blind. Justice is especially biased based on skin color or political ideology.

The latter is the reason why justice has become so hypocritical. It has become increasingly apparent that the liberal left believes in an imbalanced system of justice. They believe Americans should do as they say, but not as they do. All conservatives are guilty.

However, liberals are not. The liberal hypocrisy was obvious during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is even more pronounced when it comes to doling out actual justice. Scandals and crooked political schemes have rocked our federal government.

Nevertheless, rarely do corrupt liberals receive more than a slap on the wrist, if they receive any punishment at all. The vicious manner in which the radical left is treating anyone swept up in the Capitol Hill chaos of January 6, 2020, is another blatant example.

Patriotic Americans, who did nothing wrong except to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, are being held without bail. They are being overcharged and criminally assaulted for misdemeanor crimes. But everything was different during that same summer.

Violent activist groups, led by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, ransacked our communities. But liberal politicians praised these destructive radicals as “mostly peaceful protesters.” They were not. Radical groups, like BLM and ANTIFA, destroyed property and harassed law enforcement.

These people even demolished government property. Few were prosecuted, even when they were arrested. Liberals went so far as to help raise bail money for these criminals. But no one has stepped up to defend even the most innocent January 6 protester.

The same uneven playing field is also inherent in America’s criminal justice system. White people who are charged with crimes are the immediate target of the mainstream media. Kyle Rittenhouse is a prime example of how wrong this is.

The liberal mainstream media chastised Rittenhouse as a radicalized white supremacist. He was nothing of the sort. Kyle Rittenhouse was a patriotic American who was forced to defend himself. Ultimately, a jury of his peers found that to be the truth.

The American justice system has been liberally skewed. The way cases are prosecuted, or not prosecuted, based on race is alarming. A case in Michigan is yet another example. A black Michigan man videotaped himself while he violently punched white nursing home patients.

Jaden Hayden reportedly beat white patients “for sport.” Hayden had the audacity to film himself, beating these defenseless old people until they were bloodied. One of his victims was an elderly veteran. No one is actually certain why the 22-year-old black man was even there.

Apparently, it’s because Hayden was also COVID-19 positive, which is why he was sent to the nursing home. He was assaulting the elderly while potentially spreading a deadly virus. It didn’t take long before videos of these heinous assaults went viral.

Hayden was arrested and charged. However, when his case finally made it to court, an obviously liberal-based system dropped the charges. Because his father insisted that his son should not be in jail, the court obliged. This young man has serious emotional problems.

When he was at a group home in Washington County, Michigan, Hayden told his father that he was hearing voices. The younger Hayden told his dad these people were plotting to kill him. He may not warrant prison, but Jaden Hayden should be institutionalized. He is dangerous.

Furthermore, how in the world did a mentally ill individual, someone who was potentially COVID-19 positive, get stuck in a nursing home with elderly people? Someone must be held accountable. But Jaden Hayden should not walk away without consequences.

The excuse that he did not know what he was doing is lame. The young man had enough cognitive awareness to film himself beating on white patients. Where’s the racial justice for a black man bludgeoning elderly white people with his fists? Apparently, there isn’t any.

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