China Issues Deadliest Warning, Ready to Defeat the US

The American ship is headed for an iceberg with Joe Biden at the helm.

He’s sending us on a trajectory for complete disaster and if we’re not careful, we’re going to sink, and there is one country who is trying to make sure we don’t see that iceberg up ahead…China.

In less than a six months, we have gone from an extremely strong nation to a very weak nation. This all happened as Joe Biden was sworn into office by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Today, domestically we have high unemployment, a crisis at the border, high gas prices, less energy independence, and more. Internationally, we’ve attacked Syria, ruined our relationship with North Korea that President Trump built, and now…it’s China.

President Trump was strong against China. Bumbling Biden…not so much. He can barely utter a coherent sentence most of the time and has basically tucked his tail between his legs while Chinese President Xi told him to sit down and shut up.

Now, it looks like there may be a battle brewing and this one won’t be good. China is looking to defeat the US. reported,

China has pledged to rapidly defeat the US in a military conflict in one of the country’s most explicit warnings yet. China’s Global Times, which is seen as a Government news outlet, published an editorial revealing the threat in response to joint military drills carried out by the US. The US joined drills with Japan, Australia and France this week in an intended show of force against Beijing.

However, instead of backing down, China appears to have been rattled, prompting a fierce rebuke in Beijing’s state-run newspapers asserting confidence in Chinese military superiority.

RT America’s Alex Mihailovich said: “The Global Times put out an editorial saying the US would be defeated if any conflict broke out in the South China Sea.

“Many see the drills as a show of force aimed at China as Japan works towards consolidating military alliances in an effort to deter its neighbouring superpower

“However the drills appeared to irritate China rather than contain it.”

So what is Biden going to do to deescalate the situation? I can tell you what he’s going to do. He’s going to let President Xi strong-arm him into giving China billions of dollars to make up for President Trump being mean to China over the last four years. Just watch and see.

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