China’s Biological Weapon Can Kill You, Based on Your DNA

Anyone paying attention to the mysterious progression of the destructive COVID pandemic should be suspicious of China. The Chinese Communist Party has lied to the world repeatedly. The CCP has been proven constantly to be a “bad actor” in peaceful global pursuits.

The CCP wants to control the world. Trained experts caution that COVID may have been unleashed purposefully. China’s corrupt government has buried evidence or cast the blame on everything else, despite an increasingly obvious conclusion.

The virus was either started on purpose, or was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China according to most reports now. As frightening as a purposeful release of a deadly virus is, the intent of the Chinese government may be even more sinister.

As the virus wrecked havoc across the globe, many experts speculated that there was more to China’s secretive cover-up. China is not a friend of virtually every country in the world. Their list of allies is restricted to authoritarian or communist nations such as North Korea and Iran.

Other countries, not only China’s most intense adversary, the United States, are suspicious. Apparently, they should be. Undercover research has indicated that China has been secretively collecting the DNA data of citizens from adversarial nations.

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This collection of vital human genetic sequences especially targets particular ethnic groups. When you combine any notion that COVID may have been created on purpose, it opens up the possibility for a death virus targeting certain races and groups of people.

China’s DNA profiling is being forced on poorer nations who must succumb to Chinese government demands to secure COVID vaccinations. Even testing procedures are providing critical DNA samples to the CCP. China has been working on a national DNA database since at least 2017.

They insist they can use this data to profile criminals and improve their country. Most doubt this to be anything akin to a noble ambition. Many believe the unleashing of a global pandemic gave them the opportunity to expand this database on a global scale.

Collecting this type of sensitive genetic data raised a few eyebrows. Inside such gain-of-function facilities such as the lab in Wuhan, Chinese military scientists could construct a virus that would devastate multiple ethnic groups.

This country already practices ethnic genocide inside its own borders. China is growing increasingly more aggressive toward the independent nation of Taiwan, an American ally in the Pacific. The CCP is a bad actor. China is not a friend to the world.

They want to do more than just overtake the United States economically and militarily. China wants to be the sole worldwide governing body. They are prepared to launch deadly viruses across the planet to kill and destroy whole populations to achieve this goal.

Anyone who thinks China is our friend is dangerous. When we dig deeply into the family ties and personal relationships of Joe Biden, it becomes an even more alarming situation. China is trying to forcefully take over the world. Joe Biden is a friend to China. You can draw your own conclusions.

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