Church Enters in the Twilight Zo…I Mean Metaverse

With the upcoming metaverse poise to take over the world basically, we are in for many changes. I think many of these changes have the potential to be something that is really good, but at the same time I think there are going to be some negative effects from the metaverse as well.

We know that many people have become very rude and inconsiderate of other people and sometimes just downright hateful because social media has given them this hedge of protection that prevents them from getting punched in the mouth whenever they say something that they shouldn’t and that they wouldn’t normally say in normal everyday life if you were face to face with someone.

I think that if the metaverse is used in this manner and that people were just going to be able to approach one another in the metaverse and talk to them they’ll still be just as rude because there is no real repercussion for them saying something online to somebody else. As a result of this essentially gives people practice to be jerks in real life.


On the other hand, I think that the metaverse is going to enable people to spend more time at home and with their families which is definitely a good thing and the reason I say that they would be able to do so is because there will be many more job opportunities that can allow you to do everything that you would do in an office environment at home through the metaverse.

One thing that I didn’t actually think of was the rise of churches in the metaverse. Apparently this is already a thing and several churches have already jumped on this and it’s a little bit crazier than you think.

While some of these “churches” are worse than others, some of them aren’t terrible. I can’t objectively see a problem with meeting with other people in the metaverse and fellowshipping with one another and helping one another…if that is possible. Remember, the church is the body and each person can represent a separate body part. The hand scratches the head, the legs move the body around, the neck turns the head, etc. This is one of the most important elements of church, so if that is possible, then I can be open to this to some degree.

What do you think of all of this?

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