Clinton Body County Theory Increases Yet Again

As sad as it is to say, there is yet another name to put on the extremely long, and continually growing list of people who are connected to the Clintons that have committed suicide.

It’s become so frequent that we just called it being “suicided” because there is no way that they could have contacts to so many people who commit suicide.

News anchor Christopher Sign broke the news of a now-notorious 2016 meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.

The former president and the then-U.S. attorney general claimed to have met at the airport by accident and talked about their grandchildren. The meeting occurred as Lynch was investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while in office as secretary of state.

Soon after, the FBI decided not to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime.

The 45-year-old, who went on to document the subject in his 2019 book, “Secret on the Tarmac,” claimed to have received death threats after breaking the story.

“The plan was perfect. No cameras, no microphones, no prying eyes and plenty of security. The setting for a clandestine meeting could not have been better. Former President Bill Clinton exited Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private plane 20-minutes after he boarded. Both thought they got away with it. Both were wrong. Amid a heated Presidential race, federal investigations involving emails and Benghazi and society looking for clarity on the future of the country, the secret tarmac meeting would only complicate things. The secret meeting would have never been revealed if it weren’t for a veteran journalist and a trusted source,” the Amazon description of his book reads.

The former college football player and his wife even gave their children code words in case someone acted on those threats.

The couple’s credit cards were also hacked, and Sign said in a Fox News interview that his family was going through a living hell.

Sign was found dead of an apparent suicide on June 12th in his home in Hoover, Alabama. A colleague, sports anchor Jamie Hale, was shocked, saying they had been “cutting up” just the night before at the office.

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