Clinton Campaign Caught In Giant Scheme ‘Laundering’ Insane Amount Of Money – FEC Ignored

As of this morning, liberals are still all atwitter over Michael Cohen’s guilt and his allegations against President Trump. It’s the talk of the town among liberals and I even had one call me last night to ask if it was true that Trump was going to be impeached. I said that will never happen and to parse and evaluate the actual facts… don’t listen to overblown leftist hyperbole. Cohen’s accusations are full of holes and it is basically his word against President Trump’s according to a number of legal analysts.

What the left intentionally ignores at all costs are what Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are actually guilty of. But because they are so intent on removing Trump from office, the headlines are full of allegations and suppositions that are really nothing more than watercooler gossip concerning Trump.

According to Young Conservatives, here are some of the inconsistencies the left is putting forth over the whole Cohen mess:

“1. They’re treating Cohen’s allegations as an established fact that has some precedential weight. No, they’re not, it’s a plea deal, not an adjudication by a judge or a jury that what Cohen said was, in fact, the case.

“2. Cohen is copping to campaign finance violations because he faces a lot of time for tax issues. As Judge T.S. Ellis said in the Manafort case, that gives someone a powerful reason to embellish.

“3. Cohen has a credibility problem because he said the exact opposite on prior occasions, that there was no campaign connection to the payments.

“4. There’s also been a question raised as to whether this is even a crime, as Mark Levin and former FEC Chairman Bradley Smith have noted. In order for it to be a crime, you need to pay for it with campaign funds. It’s perfectly legal otherwise. Or if you’re going to make the argument that it was an “in-kind contribution” you’d have to show that it was only for the purpose of the campaign, and not for any other reason, and if it happened one could argue there were plenty of other reasons.

“5. Not to mention that Cohen was politically targeted because he worked for Trump and tarring him in some way was the goal. Let’s not kid ourselves on that point. The investigation was supposed to be about Russia collusion, not about years old tax or banking questions that had nothing to do with the campaign. Because there may have been a violation by Cohen doesn’t change that fact. And that’s a concerning fact. Because in America we’re not supposed to be about prosecutions against political opponents. Yet this is exactly what the case against Cohen was.”

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