CNN Gets a Taste of Its Own Pathetic Propaganda (VIDEO)

I’m sure you all remember how stupid CNN was acting last year when they reported on one of the riots in Minneapolis, calling it a “mostly peaceful protest” while a massive fire raged behind him.

This is pure propaganda and they fully believe in the idea of if you say something loud enough and long enough that people will start to believe it.

Well, the king of fake news media got a dose of their own propaganda in Minnesota last Wednesday.

A crew of CNN camera members was capturing another of the news outlet’s mostly peaceful BLM protests in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. However, this time the not-so-peacefulness of these radical anarchists changed CNN’s storyline.

One member of the CNN team was bashed in the head by a BLM protestor. So, are these rabid rioters still mostly peaceful CNN? We think not, and the evidence supports us. These violent mobs hounded the entire crew, eventually chasing them down the street.

How’s it feel now CNN? These same radical thugs harassed and threatened Republican lawmakers outside the Capital last summer. CNN gave it little more than lip service. CNN is still carrying the water for these anti-democracy factions, despite having the CNN headquarters in Atlanta attacked last summer as well.

A foul-mouthed protestor in Minnesota on Wednesday unloaded a vicious barrage of vulgarity at CNN reporter Sara Snider. All this follows a leaked video by Project Veritas, proving that CNN has been engaging in purposeful propaganda to support the radical Democrat agenda.

We don’t advocate violence, or for anyone to be harassed or injured. But this time, the wild dogs CNN has been feeding bit back. Is it irony, or a revealing tale of what these rioters are really after? When will Americans learn what CNN really is all about?

Anyone with any common sense could make this connection. CNN has lied so often, they can’t even keep up with their own false narrative. As an example, look at the blissful blowhard Chris Cuomo covering is crooked, Emmy winning brother, New York Governor Andrew.

Project Veritas’ revealing report should certainly expose CNN for what it is. It is a cast of cheats and liars, masking as journalists, in league with the radical left. What is one trademark characteristic of a communist government?

It’s a lying, state-controlled, propaganda spewing media, which supports their narrative. The radical progressives, now at the wheel driving the Democrat Party, are pushing our nation towards socialism. Socialism is a cute name for communism, nothing more.

These radicals are going to need a twisted media outlet to help brainwash their subjects. Looks like CNN has been applying for the job all along. But thankfully, they’re slowly being exposed for what they really are, fake news.

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