CNN Has Worst Week Ever Amid Sexual Assault, Violent Threats and More!

CNN is falling apart before our very eyes. I seriously wonder how long the network will actually remain viable.

They’ve long been known for creating fake news, lying about topics, creating false narratives, and omitting facts to best suit their political bias. Now their anchors are getting in trouble.

In just this past week not one, not two, but THREE anchors have been caught up in scandals.

April Ryan had her bodyguards violently remove a reporter from a Hotel lobby when he was simply trying to get his camera back and leave.

The reporter, Charlie Kratovil was invited to a press conference to report on the NJ Parent Summit. Kratovil recorded about 50 minutes of prior speaker and performances. Then moments before April Ryan was to give her speech, Shennell McCloud who is the executive director of Project Ready advised Kratovil that he could only record audio and “pull quotes”.

Kratovil reminded McCloud that he wasn’t writing an article, the purpose of his attendance was to video the speech. She then told him that Ryan would not take the stage until the camera was gone. However, Ryan did in fact take stage proving that what McCloud said was false.

Bodyguards then proceeded to steal his camera and take him and the camera into the lobby and ultimately violently throw him out when he was actually trying to leave.

There will definitely be a lawsuit here.

Then there is Chris Cuomo who loses his mind and threatened to throw a man down the stair and said much more in fact, after someone called him Fredo.

According to Fox News,

CNN’s public relations team called the remark “an ethnic slur” and Cuomo compared it to “the N-word” for Italians. But CNN and the “Cuomo Prime Time” host didn’t seem to think the word was some sort of vile smear in the past.

The New York Post unearthed an old video in which Cuomo playfully referred to himself as “Fredo” during a 2010 radio interview and CNN’s Ana Navarro used the moniker to belittle Donald Trump Jr. earlier this year on Cuomo’s very own show. Cuomo didn’t reprimand Navarro for using the term that he now feels is equivalent to “the N-word.” CNN anchor Jake Tapper has also used the term, while CNN legal analyst Paul Callan used it in an op-ed earlier this year.

Then you’ve got the sexual assault allegations against Don Lemon.

All of this on top of already plummeting ratings. Cnn is going down hard and fast.

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