Conservative Reporter Assaulted At Gym, The Media Just Looks The Other Way

Andy Ngo is a well know reporter in the Portland, Oregon area. Ngo was on with Tucker Carlson last week after he was attacked and pepper-sprayed at a protest by a far left antifa member last week On Tuesday Andy Ngo was at a 24 Hour Fitness gym in Portland when a violent leftist assaulted him and stole his phone. Andy Ngo was able to catch the assault on camera.

Andy was able to get his phone back.
He is asking for help in identifying his attacker who he recognized from antifa protests.

Andy pleaded in a Tweet: “Was just assaulted & had my phone stolen at @24hourfitness Hollywood Portland by someone I recognize at Antifa rallies. He first dumped liquid on me then stole my phone. Reporting to @PortlandPolice. I don’t know his identity & gym wouldn’t tell me. They got my phone back.”

Michelle Malkin hit the nail on the head with her tweet about what keeps happening to concervatives:

“WTF @portlandpolice @fbi – you need to stop coddling domestic terrorists in your city and start PROTECTING law-abiding citizens! Friends of Andy are watching you – we will not let his police reports fall down some rabbit hole.

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It’s sick how often conservatives are being attacked in broad daylight and the media just ignores it. It’s just as Don Jr. Said, “when someone says Trump supporters committed a hate crime, the media thinks you can take that straight to the bank. Even though these “evil Trump supporter” stories are almost always complete fabrications, liberal reporters and editors write them uncritically and use them to whip up national hysteria again and again and again.

When people who hate President Trump engage in real, verifiable, politically motivated violence, the media aren’t nearly so interested. For every fake attack blamed on Trump supporters, there’s a real one committed against Trump supporters.”

Take the Jussie Mollett case, for instance….

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