Crooked RINOs Join Democrats to Stop Anyone from Challenging Election Results

Winning an election for a U.S. federal government office is “a good gig if you can get it.” Only the United States Presidency has a limit on how long you can “play that gig.” Those who get themselves elected to Congress can pretty much make a career out of it.

While there certainly should be, there are no term limits on U.S. Representatives or Senators. Once you’re in, if you kiss enough babies and spread enough manure, you could be in office until you “kick the bucket.” It’s one of the biggest warts on Washington, D.C.’s butt.

The only way to institute term limits on these clowns is to convince them to vote for a new federal law mandating them. You can take a few moments to ponder the likelihood of that ever happening. They like “their gig” and these clowns often cheat, lie, and steal to keep it.

Cheating your way into public office is the latest method of getting elected. However, this scheme was also at the mercy of Americans’ right to challenge election results. A losing candidate has the right to question the validity of the final vote.

But soon, this may no longer be a course of action for Americans who believe fraud and manipulation have tainted the democratic process. Democrats have inherently been behind measures that would prevent anyone from challenging election results.

But now their “bed partners” are a pack of Republican lawmakers. They’re from two sides of the political spectrum, but their agenda is the same. They manipulate the election process, so they can essentially never lose “their cushy gig on Capitol Hill.”

President Trump tried to warn the country that this was happening right under our noses. He was right. Now a bunch of so-called “Republicans in Name Only”, or RINOs, are cozying up to a few high-profile Democrats to rewrite U.S. election laws.

These cheats “say” that the new legislation is to help prevent repeats of what happened on January 6. In other words, they want to write new laws that make it impossible for anyone to claim they were cheated, even if the evidence blatantly proves they were.

This sounds pretty cozy, doesn’t it? As Townhall reported, “The senators have agreed on a series of provisions to reform the Electoral Count Act, a move aimed at clarifying the role of the vice president and Congress in confirming the winner of a presidential election.”

No one has seen a transcript of the new law. But some say it has “bipartisan support.” That would figure to be logical when you consider what would happen and who’s behind the push for it. The activist group “Project Democracy” has their fingerprints all over this one.

They are pushing to wreck the Electoral College process. The legislation, called the Electoral Count Act, would change how votes are cast for the president and vice president. This legislation would definitely not stop at the presidential election.

It would soon be impossible to challenge the results of any federal election. Fraud would never be addressed. This is a one-way ticket to a disaster. Once a politician cheats his or her way into office, they’re there! Again, it sounds like a pretty nice gig, if you can get it.

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