Democrat Rep Threatens Civil War-esq Retaliation Against Trump

Do Democrats really want to start the next American Civil War?

Because that’s exactly what it’s looking like at the moment.

On Friday, January 11th, Democratic Representative from California Mike Levin took to Twitter to share his threat against President Trump if he declared a national emergency to pay for the border wall.

If @realDonaldTrump declares a “national emergency” to pay for his border wall, we’ll fight him in Congress, in the courts, and in the streets.

— Mike Levin (@MikeLevinCA) January 10, 2019

Did he really just say “in the streets”? This is for real and we already know how violent liberals and snowflakes can get when they don’t get their way.

As you’d expect, Mike Levin is another one of the new Representative in the House who thinks they’re above everyone and everything and can say and do what they want, just like the others that just started the job.

The tweet has since been deleted from Rep. Mike Levin’s Twitter account, but not before enough people found out about it and responded. There was a lot of mockery from other Twitter users. Even NRA spokesperson and former Breitbart writer and host of The Blaze, Dana Loesch has her own words to say to Representative Mike Levin regarding his tweet.

Here’s the thing. It’s one thing to disagree and debate the issue, but to threaten street violence…against the President of the United States of America? This man should be jailed! Especially given that the left has demonstrated and even solicited willingness to engage in such violent behavior. It goes beyond irresponsible and should — at the very least — be a cause for censure.  Will that ever happen? I highly doubt it. Keep in mind who we now have running the House of Representatives again.

They don’t see it now, but Democrats are losing ground hard and fast with every action like this that they take.

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