Did You See What Derek Chauvin Wrote On His Hand During the Trial?

Everyone knows the name, Derek Chauvin. Some of you may have even watched the trial a couple of months ago.

The whole incident flung our country spiraling completely out of control and there is a lot of work that needs to be done if that damage is ever to be repaired again.

Radical progressives have used the George Floyd death as a sounding board for illogical changes.

Thousands from anti-democracy factions have flaunted the rule of law our country is founded upon. They have produced radical changes to how our nation’s dedicated law enforcement men and women keep the peace.

The mainstream media plastered the video of Derek Chauvin’s knee pressed against George Floyd’s neck. Despite an honest degree of speculation about what killed Floyd, the media convicted Chauvin before the ink was dry on the first printed news story.

The likelihood that Chauvin could ever receive a fair trial, a process that our country has relied upon since the ink was dry on the U.S. Constitution, was minimal at best. Our trusted servants, elected leaders who should know better, insisted that if a full round of convictions was not leveled as the jury deliberated, our country would burn.

These comments, along with the radical riots that stormed across our nation for months, fly in the face of disrespect at the core of our democratic beliefs. The media ran with another insignificant aspect of Derek Chauvin’s trial. Chauvin must have enough foresight to see that the deck was stacked against him.

All he did was write his attorney’s phone number on his hand prior to the reading of his guilty verdict. Chauvin assumed he’d be handcuffed and hauled off to jail immediately. He was correct. Chauvin thought a piece of paper might be taken away from him.

All the man wanted to do was have immediate access to his constitutional right of counsel. Knowing that a former law enforcement officer, a man with years of experience with the U.S. judicial system, would take such precautions, says a great deal about how fair Derek Chauvin thought his due process was. Certainly doesn’t appear he has much faith in the system.

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