Elizabeth Warren’s Messiah Complex – Believes She Is God’s Chosen One: “I Have Been Called To Act”

Democratic candidate and long-term liar Elizabeth Warren has seemingly elevated herself to a messianic position…in her head anyway.

Warren recently spoke at Reid Chapel AME Church in Greenview, North Carolina where she was there to pander for a vote by the black community because their voter turnout is very high.

It appears Pocahontas believes that she is chosen by God to run for president.

According to Biz Pac Review,

2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren attended a church service on Sunday in Columbia, South Carolina, and took to the pulpit to proclaim, after citing scripture and talking about her own spiritual journey, that the reason she is running for office is that “I have been called to act.”

The candidate who is gaining ground the fastest on Joe Biden in the Democrats’ race to the nomination is now apparently laying claim to being God’s chosen one. Or was it perhaps George Soros who got Warren’s phone number?

Waren told the church’s congregation, “Never in a million years did I think I would be running for office, first for United States senator from Massachusetts, and now for president of the United States. But the reason I did is I have been called to act.”

Watch the video below:

One minister on Twitter said about Warren’s proclamation, “I’ve no doubt Elizabeth Warren feels she has been “called to act,” but I do doubt by whom it is she has been called. Many a godless dictator has claimed to have been “called,” but their words and deeds, being contrary to God and His Christ, confirm their calling to be not of God.”

Warren’s message, Price said, speaks to African Americans. “Often­times, it’s getting that message out over and over and over, and someone starts hearing it,” said Price, who is staying neutral in the primary.

Another wisely observed, “Let’s see God called someone who wants to kill baby all the way up to birth? Really?”

Speaking to a black church is particularly sensitive, she said. “The church in the past has been a rallying point to really see what a candidate is truly about,” Price said. “You have to change your message in that setting.”

And Warren adjusted her rhetoric when she stepped up to the pulpit at a sparsely attended service at Reid Chapel AME Church on the other side of Columbia on Sunday morning. Rather than her usual firebrand stemwinder, she talked about her hardscrabble biography, including an anecdote about how she once struggled to control an unruly fifth-grade Sunday school class. (WaPo)

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