Fauci Lied Again! New Documents Provide Proof of Funding Dangerous Coronaviruses in Wuhan

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Senator Rand Paul have a contentious relationship, to say the least—the two don’t exactly like each other very much.

Dr. Fauci has been called out for being a liar, by Sen. Paul and he is absolutely right to call him out on it because this virus isn’t going anywhere and we’re stuck with it for the rest of our lives according to many experts who have said the same thing. We might as well get used to the way things are.

Maybe it will weaken, which it should, but it’s here to stay because there will always be a host since it can take up residence in humans or animals.

Now, Sen. Paul is on the warpath once again after new documents have come to light that reveal how the U.S. funded research in Wuhan. Sen. Paul tweeted,

Surprise surprise – Fauci lied again

And I was right about his agency funding novel Coronavirus research at Wuhan.

Read this thread and the papers released.

Paul’s tweet followed a story in The Intercept that revealed the U.S. government pumped $3.1 million into American health organization EcoHealth Alliance to back bat coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

According to the report, almost $600,000 of that federal money was partially used by the WIV to find and alter bat coronaviruses that could jump to humans and infect them.

Additionally, the documents revealed that experimental research on genetically engineered mice with human cell receptors was conducted at the Wuhan University Center for Animal Experiment, and not the WIV as previously thought.

The documents make it clear that assertions by the NIH Director, Francis Collins, and the NIAID Director, Anthony Fauci, that the NIH did not support gain-of-function research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at WIV are untruthful”

This won’t be the last we hear of this. Stay tuned!

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