FEMINISM FAIL: Army Considers Doing This After Women Fail to Keep Up

By far, one of the most detrimental things that we’ve been experiencing in the United States is the feminist movement.

Femism is harmful to women, not helpful, especially modern-day “third-wave” feminism.

With each wave of feminism things got progressively worse for women.

This has started showing in everyday life and in nearly every aspect of life. Women have been fed lies about how bad it is to be a mother and a homemaker. How bad it is to take care of your family and how selfish it is.

I can’t help but think of a recent article from the Babylon Bee in which they sum it up entirely. The title of the article is “Woman Escapes The Patriarchy To Find Freedom In Grueling 80-Hour Work Week”

In the article, the author writes,

According to sources, local business analyst Abby Staughton has finally escaped the shackles of the patriarchy to find freedom and worth in an 80-hour work week, working for an overbearing boss.

“This is true happiness,” said Staughton as she sat through her fourth meeting of the day discussing first-quarter sales figures for Melcorp Corporation. “My feminist ancestors fought so I could answer to 12 different middle managers in a thankless job before going home to an empty apartment and drinking wine. I have reached the pinnacle of womanhood.”

Staughton has said that while she has to deal with unreasonable demands from male co-workers and sometimes even sexual harassment, at least she doesn’t have to live a boring life of homemaking with a husband and kids.

Another way that this feminism and even trans drams is coming to be exposed even further is that women are failing the U.S. Army’s “gender-neutral physical test”.

Test results show that 10% of men fail the test, but the majority of women fail coming in at 65%. This is just another clear-cut example of how men are different than women. In general, men are stronger than women. This is why they shouldn’t be allowed to participate in women’s sports as well.

Because of this massive failure rate among women, they are now considering weakening our military by lowering the standards and getting rid of this test.

Captain Kristen Griest said rightly that “lowering fitness standards to accommodate women will hurt the Army–and women.”

“The entire purpose of creating a gender-neutral test was to acknowledge the reality that each job has objective physical standards to which all soldiers should be held, regardless of gender,” she wrote. “The intent was not to ensure that women and men will have an equal likelihood of meeting those standards. Rather, it is incumbent upon women who volunteer for the combat arms profession to ensure they are fully capable and qualified for it. To not require women to meet equal standards in combat arms will not only undermine their credibility, but also place those women, their teammates, and the mission at risk.”

Photo Credit: Public Affairs Broadcast Journalist Spc. Joshua A. Syberg / Released)

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