Five Senate Seats That Could Flip in November

Most political experts agree that Republicans will secure control of the U.S. House of Representatives. How big the “red wave” becomes will be determined throughout the next few weeks. Many think the outcome of the 2022 fall midterms will be a resounding GOP victory.

Nevertheless, gaining only control of the House will still limit the ability for Republicans to thwart the radical agenda of Joe Biden’s liberal plans for the country. Since taking office, Biden has increasingly kowtowed to the radical agenda of the far-left.

If through some series of unforeseen circumstances the GOP doesn’t secure control of at least the House, the nation is in deep trouble. Less than one month ago, nearly two-thirds of the country felt the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction.

Nevertheless, regardless of the outcomes in key U.S. House races, control of Capitol Hill rests on the race to secure some extremely important U.S. Senate seats. As the nation inches closer to Election Day 2022, five GOP senate candidates are closing fast, even inching ahead.

After a group of House Republicans announced the GOP plans to Save America, Republican senate candidates have noticed a boost in their own chances. There are 14 seats of current Democrats and 21 seats currently held by Republicans on the midterm ballot.

At one juncture in summer, all five of these seats seemed to be uphill battles for the Republican candidates. Things have changed, and changed demonstrably. In Pennsylvania, Dr. Mehmet Oz has found his political sea legs.

Dr. Oz is closing fast, set to overtake the radical John Fetterman. Long after voting has started in the Keystone State, Oz will finally go toe-to-toe with Fetterman in a debate. Many believe that Fetterman’s chances will unravel. However, will too many votes have already been cast?

Likewise in Nevada, the GOP senate candidate was behind only a few weeks ago. That’s no longer the case. President Trump-endorsed Adam Laxalt has been riding a huge wave of popularity. Laxalt has inched ahead of incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto.

Most believe the steady rise of Laxalt’s popularity is indicative of a huge win upcoming for Republicans. In Wisconsin, incumbent GOP Senator Ron Johnson looked in trouble as well. But the Democrat candidate, Mandela Barnes is a true radical.

The Johnson campaign has been pounding the airwaves with proof that Barnes is nothing but a Marxist-like squad member. His type of political beliefs will not set will with the more moderate views of Wisconsin voters. This isn’t actually a “flipped” senate seat.

However it’s a possible win that the Democrats were coveting to balance out any losses. For a period, Democrats also felt as if Georgia incumbent Raphael Warnock had built too large a lead of Republican Hershel Walker.

That lead is evaporating. A mid-October debate set in Savannah will provide a definitive answer as to which candidate has the strongest message. Many believe that Walker will dominate based on his popularity with Georgians, plus his message that Warnock is a destructive liberal.
The Arizona senate race is as big a tossup as any race in the country. President Trump-endorsed challenger Blake Masters has closed the gap with incumbent Mark Kelly to a single-point. The margin of error clearly shows this race is up for grabs.

When we consider the unusually lopsided tendency for polls to wrongly favor Democrats, Blake Master appears to have a fantastic chance to “flip to red” yet another U.S. Senate seat. These are five chances for Republicans to secure control of the U.S. Senate.

J.D. Vance has an opportunity to knock off Tim Ryan in Ohio as well. A red wave is predicted in U.S. House races. However, the wave will become a tsunami if the GOP stays on message. If they do, the GOP will sweep these five senate races, and maybe more. They will save America.

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