Former NY Mayor Puts Mueller & Co On FULL BLAST!

Giuliani Says You Shouldn’t Trust Anything Meuller Team Does And Here Is Why…

Firstly, I find it odd that since Democrats have switched their focus onto the families at the Mexico-Amerian border, nearly all talks about Meuller’s crapshoot of an investigation has fallen on the back burner. CNN, who had become ‘The Meuller Station’ has all but completely halted reporting on it – at all. Just a little food-for-thought.

According to Real Clear Politics, President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani told FOX News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday night that the report from the DOJ inspector general and his testimony to Congress was effectively “the end of Mueller’s investigation.”

“I’m very, very gratified because I believe that this is the end of Mueller’s investigation effectively,” Giuliani said. “And the president of the United States, my friend and a great president who’s off to a terrific start, is going to be vindicated, but this is a witch hunt with no evidence, and nothing else, but a bunch of people who hate him, hate Republicans, hate anything that he stands for, and vowed to get him no matter what.”

Giuliani nearly announced there would be no further cooperation with the Mueller team after proof that the FBI tried to “frame” candidate Trump.

“As I said the other night, the investigators need to be investigated if we’re going to see justice here. And I’ll be darned if we’re going to go forward with any kind of cooperation with them if I think there’s any doubt that these people are trying to frame him, I’m beginning not only to doubt it, I’m beginning to believe it,” he said.

As Written By The Hill:

Horowitz in his report issued last week called out five FBI employees for sending texts on government devices critical of then-candidate Donald Trump or supportive of Clinton — texts that he said “cast a cloud” over the Clinton probe — but he found no evidence that any individual decision was the result of bias.

The decision not to charge Clinton over her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of State, he assessed, was a valid exercise of Justice Department lawyers’ prosecutorial discretion — not a partisan effort to shield a preferred presidential candidate.

He did not examine whether any decision in the probe was “the ideal choice,” but merely whether it was reasonable or “based on considerations other than the merits of the investigation.”

Sounds legit, right? Not even a little.

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