GEORGIA ELECTION UPDATE: Subpoena Issued for Woman Who Committed [email protected] Caught on Camera

Finally! It looks like it’s finally happening!

It’s been a long time coming, too long in fact, but at least we’re getting some actionable steps taken in proving the [email protected] that took place in Georgia in November. The conspiracy is being unraveled.

When I say conspiracy, I don’t mean the theory from conservatives that something happened in the election, I mean the fact that something actually did take place that altered the results of the November election which involved who knows just how many people were in on it. If I had to speculate, there must be hundreds, but likely thousands of people who were involved in this well-orchestrated attack on our democracy.

We reported earlier this week that the daughter of the infamous Ruby Freeman was subpoenaed regarding her involvement in the election mess. Now, her mother, Ruby, has also been subpoenaed.

The daughter, Shaye “Wandrea”, I’m not even sure which one is her actual name, was the one who was secretly handed some sort of object that looks like either a memory card or a USB drive. You can tell that it was something that she shouldn’t have been doing because of the way that she looked around and the way that she held the object.

Ruby, on the other hand, is responsible for running ballots through the same machine multiple times and pulling out the ballots that were hidden under a table. It just so happens that all of the observers, Republicans, and the media were gone at this time and Joe Biden magically won the majority of the votes during this time.

I honestly hate that it’s taken so long because the Democrats have now had 7 months to destroy evidence, get their story straight, and whatever else they need to do in order to prevent the truth from coming out. I just hope that there is still something that has been missed and that the [email protected] will be exposed as it should be.

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