“Gestapo Nazis” Once Again Get Shut Down By Pastor Who Refused to Bow Down to Tyranny

While we’ve seen more than our fair share of tyranny in the United States all in the name of “public safety”, other countries have had it rough as well.

Canada has surprisingly been one country under a lot of attack, especially churches. Who would have thought a wimp like Justin Trudeau would be governing with such a heavy hand?

Earlier this month, we saw how a health inspector came to a church in Calgary to shut down a church service on Good Friday.

During the event, which was caught on video, the health inspector, accompanied by multiple police officers harassed and tried to intimidate Pastor Artur Pawlowski and shut down worship of the living and true God. But he wasn’t going to have it.

He told them off calling them Gestapo and Nazis and forced them to leave. In case you never saw the video, here it is below.

Well, guess what? They came back and once again, came during worship services. Once again, he is able to shout them down and force them to leave.

Artur exclaims that these are “Wicked, evil people. Wicked evil people” stating that people must “come to their senses while there is still time…there will be absolutely no NO rights whatsoever. If they can get away with THIS they are going to come anywhere else.”

It’s obvious that these God-haters have no respect for the pastor, the congregation, or the God who created them or they wouldn’t even dream of interrupting worship.

These officers have no integrity whatsoever. You can even see some of them get their phones out and begin recording the incident.

Where is the sheriff amidst all of this? Why do they not stop fascism from the Health Department? Why do they not support their community?

People are free beings and not enslaved to any master so these police need to get lost.

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