Gillette Commercials Gained Support Of Transgenders…Here’s How Much It Cost The Company

Earlier this year, the Gillette razor company ran some ad campaigns celebrating the mental illness known as transgenderism and pushing the #MeToo movement.

From the Washington Examiner:

In January, Gillette ran the short film “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” which took on “toxic masculinity” and the #MeToo movement. Some criticized the ad for “virtue signaling” and making broad generalizations about male behavior. In May, Gillette also ran an ad depicting a man teaching his transgender son how to shave for the first time.

“It was pretty stark: we were losing share, we were losing awareness and penetration, and something had to be done,” he said, adding they decided to “take a chance in an emotionally-charged way.”

Coombe admitted the work ended up to be more controversial with more “intense” backlash then he originally anticipated but said it was “less provocative” than other versions they had created.

“I don’t enjoy that some people were offended by the film and upset at the brand as a consequence. That’s not nice and goes against every ounce of training I’ve had in this industry over a third of a century,” he said. “But I am absolutely of the view now that for the majority of people to fall more deeply in love with today’s brands you have to risk upsetting a small minority and that’s what we’ve done.”


Here is the commercial that sparked it all:

It was only then a few months later that Gillette really pushed the boundaries and ran an ad campaign celebrating transgenderism.

The second campaign was released in May and featured a girl who is taking male hormones and steroids and is growing a small amount of facial hair.

Alongside “him” is a “proud dad” — who seems to be very happy that he is abusing his daughter by treating her like a boy — and is showing her how to shave.

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