Governor Offers HUGE Financial Incentive For Residents To Get V***inated

With every passing day, we are getting just a little closer to resuming our normal lives post-pandemic.

I think within just a couple more months, masks will be all but done away with except for those who choose to wear one anyway.

Let me ask you to excuse the censorship in this article, but it’s what we’re facing today when we talk about anything related to the (forbidden illness).

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is offering incentives to boost the state’s [email protected]@tion efforts.

In an attempt to battle [email protected] hesitancy due to reports of serious and even fatal side effects, DeWine has announced two separate campaigns to get both adults and those aged 12 to 17 on board with (forbidden illness) [email protected]@tions.

“The @Reds and @Indians are offering discounts on tickets to their games,” DeWine wrote on Twitter. “With a [email protected], @WhiteCastle is offering free butter cakes on a stick. @Kroger is offering employees $100 in cash. We need more businesses to offer these kinds of incentives.”

“Getting our 12- to 17-year-olds [email protected] is so important that we will have a separate incentive for them,” DeWine said. “On Wednesday, May 26th, we will announce the winner of a drawing of all those 17 years old and under who have been [email protected]@ted, and the winner will receive a full, four-year scholarship to our State of Ohio universities. This will include tuition, room and board, and books.”

“On May 18th, an electronic portal will be opened up for young people who have been [email protected]@ted to be able to register,” he continued. “We will do this every Wednesday, for five straight Wednesdays — each time randomly selecting one student to receive the full, four-year scholarship.”

People over 18 will have the chance to win one of five prizes of one million dollars in the special lottery. [email protected]@ted tweens and teens get the opportunity to win a full scholarship from Ohio State University. The prizes are being offered just as Ohio prepares to re-open. The state’s lockdown began in March of 2020.

DeWine’s [email protected]@tion incentives are being offered alongside those from businesses. From free tickets to local sporting events to free food from area restaurants and employment-based cash bonuses, the state’s residents have access to a variety of freebies after getting the shot. The push comes as Joe Biden threatens the country with endless mask-wearing unless we’re all [email protected]@ted.

So essentially, he’s paying people to get the you-know-what, but like I said, some people are willing to do anything.

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