Heart Stopping Moment Police Sniper Takes Out Armed Man Holding Baby Hostage (VIDEO)

Intense body-cam footage captured the moment when a gunman killed the kidnapper who had a baby in his arms. After a car was pulled over by police in Utah, an unidentified woman emerged from the vehicle and told officers that a man was holding her baby hostage inside. Oscar Alcantara was finally stopped by authorities near Beaver Dam, Arizona, after a 30-mile pursuit. This isn’t the first time that Alcantara has been in a hostage situation either. In fact, this is the second time in seven years.

When he exited the car, the cops informed him they wouldn’t pursue him if he put the baby down. He refused to obey them, clutching the baby in one arm and a handgun in the other. Alcantara took the child and proceeded to a desert area. He then pointed his gun at the baby, prompting a police officer to tell him to stop and that they didn’t want to hurt him, but he continued on his way, hiding behind some nearby vegetation.

Snipers were stationed, and one of them was overheard saying that they only had one opportunity to get it correctly. The sniper opened fire, killing Alcantara before he could hurt the child. The baby, who was unharmed, was rescued by the police.

According to The Blaze,

A police sniper then fired on Alcantara – which killed the suspect while he was holding the baby.

Police rushed toward the 30-year-old suspect.

“I got child, I got child, come here baby,” an officer exclaimed.

The baby was unharmed and taken to safety.

The shooting remains under investigation, according to KUTV. The Mohave County Attorney’s Office is still reviewing the hours of video from the deadly incident and interviewing dozens of officers and witnesses.


These snipers are some experts at what they do and have to have nerves of still and unbelievable accuracy. While he may have been inches or even a foot away from hitting the child, his gun would have only needed to have been off by millimeters to either miss or hit the baby. But his shot of dead on and justice prevailed.

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