HEARTLESS MSNBC Does THIS While Manchester Victims are Screaming in the Background

Chris Matthews cuts away from a video of the terror attack in England which showed people screaming… in terror, duh to show some “shocking news” regarding President Donald Trump and some old b.s. accusations of his supposed collusion with Russia.

“Police say there have been a number of fatalities and a serious incident after a concert at Manchester arena,” Matthews says in the opening of his segment. News had just broken that at least 20 were dead and hundreds wounded. “A senior U.S. intelligence official tells NBC news there has been an explosion.”

With Matthews speaking while a video plays in the background showing the frightening, scary, and relevant terror attack he quickly moves on to something he deems more urgent.

“We’ll get the latest on that in a minute,” he said. “We begin however, with the shocking news in Washington tonight.”

The news being that President Trump had asked intelligence officials to dismiss media reports of the alleged Russia collusion. This piece actually happened MONTHS ago…

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