Hey Lefties! Here’s What A Disarmed Country Looks Like!

The Left is trying anything and everything they think can think of to disarm citizens of the United States of America. And yet they merely need to look at any other country where this has been done for examples of exactly what happens when you take firearms from the RIGHT people.

After viewing the video above, one must understand the reprobate and perverse minds of the system of injustice in England. The reason that they took the course that they did with this madman is because they said that they wanted to rehabilitate him. (Exodus 21:12) You cannot make this up friends.

On the other hand, in 1982, the town of Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law requiring all able adults, except convicts, to have a gun.  They have only had one murder (From an out of state criminal with a gun) and have had no increase in crime or violence in 12 years! (Final Warning, Grant Jeffrey p. 205, 1995)

In the video below, they also interviewed local prisoners (3:12) as to why they never set Kennesaw, Georgia in their sights when committing crimes. They said, “Stay away from Kennesaw because they are an armed people.”

According to www.americagunfacts.com, 3/5 of Felons say they won’t mess with an armed victim. 200,000 times a year women use a gun to defend against sexual abuse and guns are used save thousands of lives every year.  No wonder why the disarmed United Kingdom case study found them to be the most violent country in the EU.


It’s insanely messed up that they would continue to push this… at least those that one would not be considered “the powers that be” for their ideology. The powers that be, it’s obvious why… a well-armed country is hard to take over. We need to continue fighting the good fight and ensuring that our second amendment rights are here to stay!


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