Holocaust Survivor Warns of America’s Path Compares to Nazi Germany and Gives Recommendation

It has long been a practice to compare tyrannical laws and leaders in our country to those of Nazi Germany. It’s almost a tongue-in-cheek remark, but at the same time, it’s really not.

Whenever people say that, the believe that whatever is happening is tyrannical. Maybe it is, or maybe it’s not. But the truth is that there are far too many laws and leaders in the United States that look eerily familiar to Nazi Germany.

One Holocaust survivor has drawn parallels between the country we live in today and that of Hitler’s Germany. She was only 3-years-old when the world went to hell in a handbasket. She spent three years in a concentration camp and finally escaped thanks to her mother lying about who she was.

“My mother got wind that a few orphans would be transported out of the camp, so she lied and said I was an orphan to save my life, and that’s how I wound up leaving,” Sharav said.

“I had to assess who I could trust to take care of me,” she said.

While on a train to the Port of Constanta, Romania, where there were three boats awaiting to take groups of people to Palestine, she befriended a family. However, upon arrival, she found herself assigned a boat with other orphan children that would separate her from the family with whom she felt she could trust. So she rebelled.

“No matter what, I could not be convinced to get on that boat,” she said. “Miraculously, in the end, they gave in to me.”

Seasick, she fell asleep that night, only to wake up to find that the boat with the orphans had been torpedoed by who she said she found out decades later to have been the Russians.

Though she carried guilt for having survived, she was grateful she resisted because that resistance kept her alive, she said.

“I do not obey authority, and it saved my life.”

And this is the lesson that she wants us to take in as well. With all of the drama that we’ve had over the last few years, it reminds her too much of her broken childhood.

“So now, when people are obeying authority mindlessly, giving up their rights to make decisions about their own lives and what goes into their own bodies, I think back to that time,” she said.

But sadly, many people are just sheep. These are mostly liberals who blindly trust anything that their authority tells them as long as they’re a liberal as well. There are still some conservatives who are sheep as well. Some conservatives are just spineless as well and can’t even stand by their principles that they profess to believe in.

Let’s be willing to do what Sharav has suggested, “Resist, wake up, and stop obeying.”

Epoch Times

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