HORRIFIC! California NAZIS Force Crying Mentally Handicapped People to Get Vaccinated (VIDEO)

The number of lies and manipulation that we’ve seen during this pandemic should be more than enough to alarm anyone.

Society has been brainwashed and it has only progressively gotten worse over time. People in grocery stores claim that they don’t feel safe if someone isn’t wearing a mask. Well, what’s their own mask for?

The world has lived masked for over a year. Initially, one mask was required to protect you. Then one mask wasn’t even enough. We have been told to not touch, to wash our hands more often than a heart surgeon, and that group functions were taboo.

As our nation was ordered to conform to mandate after mandate, a vaccination was released that was supposed to be an end-all to the restrictive lifestyles we’ve been forced to lead. Our so-called experts then informed us that even vaccinated we must continue to conform.

There was one glimmer of hope through all the Draconian orders. Even though medical pundits pushed the vaccine as a win-win for everyone, we weren’t being forced to roll up our sleeves and take a “shot in the arm”. Americans still had the freedom to choose a shot or no shot.

In Los Angeles, California, the notion of a free nation with inherent personal freedoms, evaporated. Under the guise of “Operation Homebound”, LA law enforcement officers are accompanying health professionals to the homes of special needs children in the community.

There is an actual live video of a special needs woman being physically restrained, so a needle could be rammed into her arm. She did not ask for a (forbidden illness) shot. No one consented to this medical procedure being administered to this woman.

It was something akin to the horrible euthanasia programs administered during the horrific period of Nazi Germany. Nazis started their quest to erase unwanted peoples from the population with the mentally handicapped.

How long will it be before armed guards are busting down our doors to jab a needle into the arms of people who have personal reservations about being vaccinated? This is happening despite recent questions about potential side effects, even death, resulting from one of (forbidden illness) vaccines.

This goes far beyond the good sense conscious administration of public health measures. It is forcible medical rape. The notion that these vaccine Nazis are starting with America’s most vulnerable should sound a startling alarm for the rest of us.

When will the vaccine Nazis have the power to enter your private residence with orders to administer a shot? When you refuse, will you be hogtied and gagged, followed by a needle jammed into your body.

When the God-given right to make choices about our own bodies is removed, how far are we away from every other personal freedom being erased? This is far more than a question concerning the viability of a (forbidden illness) vaccine.

What is happening in Los Angeles is a question of conformity to government mandates. We are being sucked into a vacuum where there is no escape. This is a dangerous place for our society. History shows that these same steps were taken to forcibly control citizens.

Erasing the freedom of choice to take or not take a vaccine is one more in a long series of mandates to conformity. It is the underlying model of a society driving socialistic communism on its citizens.

When saying no to a chemical being injected into your body becomes a crime, we are one step from detaining those who fail to conform. America must wake up. When the freedom to make choices about your own body is stolen, soon after will be every other freedom Americans hold dear.

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