HORRIFIC SCENE! Over 100 Bags of Body Parts Containing 44 Different Bodies

This news sounds like something out of a horror movie.

Authorities in Mexico have discovered 119 bags full of body parts down inside of a well. Based on the most recent numbers reported by the forensic scientists who are working on determining who these people were, 44 different bodies have been discovered so far.

This is unbelievable, but not unimaginable at the same time given the huge drug problem south of the border.

According to The Daily Wire,

…there are still many body parts that have not been identified.

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“A local organisation which searches for missing people has appealed to the government to send more specialists to assist with identification,” the outlet reported. “They say the local forensic department is overwhelmed and does not have the necessary skills to complete the operation.”

The outlet also reported that the Mexican state of Jalisco “is the heartland of one of Mexico’s most violent drug gangs and this is the second major find of bodies in the state this year.”

Mexico is a haven for kidnapping, sex trafficking, murder, and disappearing people. More often than not, the reason for thousands of people disappearing in Mexico each year is a result of the powerful drug cartels in Mexico.


Fox News reported that in May, at least 34 bodies were discovered at two different locations in the state.

Prosecutors revealed Saturday that most of the remains were found buried at a ranch in Zapopan, a city in central Mexico next to Guadalajara.

Among the dead, 27 had been tied up and two had been identified, the attorney general of Jalisco, Gerardo Octavio Solis, reportedly said at a news conference. Solis added that the number could still rise as the investigation continued.

Solis said the skulls of seven other people and other human remains were discovered on the property of a house located in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second most densely populated city. Solis added that another body was recovered from the Tlajomulco municipality, in Jalisco in central-western Mexico.

I’m pretty sure the left will be blaming Trump for this as well soon enough.

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