House Approves New Gun Control Measures on Semi-Automatic Rifles

It was only a matter of time before it happened. New gun control legislation is being developed, and the House of Representatives has already passed it.

The House of Representatives passed many proposals on June 8, including the “Protecting Our Kids” Act, which is a comprehensive gun control plan endorsed by Democrats. The bill will now be sent to the Senate, where it is almost guaranteed to fail due to the filibustering threshold of 60 votes.

Before the final vote in the Democrat-controlled chamber, a series of motions were made to retain various parts of the law; each part was eventually kept, and the bill was sent to the Senate by a vote of 223-204. Five Republicans voted in support of the bill, while two Democrats voted against it.

The proposal was broken up into multiple pieces and confirmed in bipartisan votes; it includes a number of previously introduced gun control bills.

The first part of the new legislation will ban the sale of any semi-automatic rifle or semi-automatic centerfire shotgun to anyone under the age of 21. Along with that would also be the banning of magazines that exceed 5 rounds.

Another piece of the legislation would be codifying the ban of bump stocks. This is currently a ban that was imposed by the Department of Justice which if I’m not mistaken, President Trump actually approved of while he was in the White House.

Additionally, the legislation would ban “ghost guns” which would include 3D-printed weapons and components without a serial number.

The bill is likely going to fail in the Senate thanks to the filibuster, but honestly, it might not pass anyway. There are still some Democrats who voted against the bill in the House, so it’s possible that some, like Joe Manchin, would vote against it in the Senate as well. We’ll soon see.

The Epoch Times

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