House Committee Advances Bill to Improve Security of Mail-In Ballots

Regardless of what view one holds to, when it comes to our elections and their security, there is always more that we can do to improve the process and security in several ways. To say otherwise is just uninformed or disingenuous.

Some people think that mail-in ballots are not the best way to go about voting. There may be others that may agree, but then see it as sort of a necessary evil. Our country is heavily populated now and some believe that not everyone would get their chance to vote if they all had to go to polling locations on the same day.

But some lawmakers have actually come up with a pretty smart way of keeping the practice of mail-in ballots while offering better security and accountability.

According to Epoch Times,

The House Oversight and Reform Committee on Thursday advanced a bill that would enable mail-in ballots for federal elections to be tracked.

“This bill would require that any ballot mailed in a federal election include a postal service barcode on the envelop that is unique to the individual ballot,” Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, the chairwoman of the committee, who had introduced the bill, said Thursday.

“We can now track packages around the world, they have a barcode you can track it as a consumer. This would allow an individual to track their own ballot. This commonsense requirement would enable boards of elections to confirm when a ballot was sent and give voters confidence that their votes have been casted and counted.”

This is a pretty good idea I think because it will allow more people to vote, it will ensure that their votes are being counted and that they’re being counted correctly. Honestly, who even knows if in-person voting is the best thing anymore with all of the problems that we keep seeing at the polls.

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