HUGE: Supreme Court TAKES DOWN The New York Times!

Liberals, primarily their mainstream supporters, are crafty liars and scam artists. The progressive left’s agenda is served by burying and altering news stories. They own or control a great number of the country’s leading news organizations.

One of them is the New York Times. The New York Times tries to imply that they are objective in some way. It’s demonstrably false. Anyone can conclude this by reading a few articles or perusing the list of buried op-eds.

The New York Times was one of the first newspapers to print the notion that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation. We now know that it was not. Concealing newsworthy stories, or leaking otherwise false narratives are the NY Time’s longstanding policy.


According to a recent ruling from the New York Supreme Court, they got busted. The NY Times ran with a story covering the FBI raid of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. The issue was with how the newspaper got the information it used to substantiate a story.

The supposedly secure records from this FBI raid mysteriously ended up in the hands of the liberal puppet, the NY Times. The NY Times published an article in an effort to malign Project Veritas. The information came from O’Keefe’s phone.

There’s no way the information got into the hands of a New York Times reporter if the FBI didn’t leak it to them. If two children are accused of stealing a candy bar, and one of them has chocolate all over their face, you can rest confidently that at least one of them is guilty.

The NY Times insisted that they came by way of this illegally obtained information using their highly skilled “newsgathering efforts.” The NY Supreme Court found this was an unacceptable explanation and probably a boldfaced lie.

There is absolutely no record of how the NY Times became privy to what were otherwise private FBI documents. The Court ordered the NY Times to surrender a copy of everything they have about Project Veritas and then destroy the documents.

While the NY Times is apparently going to get away with essentially a slap on the wrist, the FBI may not be so lucky. These records were seized in an unconstitutional raid. No one had this information except investigators from the FBI. Someone leaked them to the NY Times.

The case involving Project Veritas is suspicious. Some question why the FBI was searching for Ashley Biden’s diary to begin with. As part of this mysterious investigation, FBI agents raided various Project Veritas employees’ homes, including O’Keefe’s. We smell a rat.

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