Illegal Venezuelan Migrants File Class Action Lawsuit Claiming Cruelty and Mistreatment

If someone is willing to break the law to enter the U.S., you can expect that at some level, they’re going to serve their own self-interests. This type of person may be equally inclined to “bite the hand that feeds.” They may well be easily manipulated as well.

Whatever the reasons, three illegal migrants from Venezuela are suing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his transportation department secretary. After these so-called “fleers from Communist oppression” were allowed into the country, they’re alleging cruelty.

First, let’s get one thing straight. None of these people were mistreated. The only mistreatment happened once their flight landed in the self-proclaimed sanctuary haven of Martha’s Vineyard. It was from that point that National Guard troops hauled them to a nearby military base.

The rich and elite from Martha’s Vineyard could not have these unvetted people meandering around their plush shopping malls and fancy restaurants. No, sir, these poor escapees from injustice had to be moved to barracks on a secure Cape Cod military base.

This whole lawsuit is a sham. These people agreed to be flown to their destination. They supposedly claim that they were lured into getting on a plane by the promise of “McDonald’s gift cards.” Seriously, a free “Happy Meal” is enough to get someone to board a plane?

The lawsuit alleges that two people were luring the migrants to get on planes in San Antonio, Texas. These allegations fly in the face of logic. Each person freely decided to fly to another destination. They all signed waivers. This lawsuit reeks of liberal manipulation.

The left is losing their minds over the idea that Governors Greg Abbott and DeSantis are bringing the U.S. southern border crisis out into the open. Something they tried to hide is now being exposed for what it is: a crisis. The borders are not secure.

Since Joe Biden took office, they have never been. On his first day in the White House, Biden laid out the proverbial welcome mat. America’s borders are wide open. The sign says, “Come one, come all, and don’t forget to pick up all your free stuff.”

This lawsuit is nothing but political theater. The left claims that’s what Texas Governor Abbott and his Florida counterpart are doing. They’re not. The Biden administration has ignored their pleas to address an ongoing humanitarian crisis in their states.

Biden wouldn’t even respond. So, these two smart conservative leaders have responded. They’re telling the Biden administration that if you want these people to waltz freely into our country, you take care of them. Stop dumping your open border fiasco on our communities.

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