IRS Hiring New Agents ‘Armed and Ready’ to Steal Your Money

Thanks to this new radical inflation reduction act that was signed into law this month, our federal government is about to get a lot bigger and we’re just talking about one department. The IRS is about to go on a hiring spree in which they’re going to recruit approximately 87,000 new tax collectors.

But these aren’t just any old tax collectors. These are weaponize tax collectors.

When you look at what the major duties are of an IRS agent that they posted you’ll see the normal stuff like adhering to the highest standards of conduct and making sure that you’re honest. They actually require a minimum 50 hour work week which seems absolutely insane and abusive to me but that’s what they get for being a IRS agents. You also have to be on call 24/7 which includes holidays and weekends. I never understood wanting to take that sort of job. I can understand it in some professions but for an IRS agent that seem sort of ridiculous.

But the thing that stood out the most that was the most unusual and to be honest quite concerning is that IRS agents are to carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force if necessary. Why does an IRS agent need a firearm? Do they intend on shooting somebody if they don’t give them money? Do they intend to intimidate someone because they have a firearm on their person?

I would like to see a study that show just how many IRS agents have ever needed their firearms to protect themselves as well as how many have actually fired a shot and what the situation was. Have they actually needed it to defend their lives, or did they only use them in a case where someone wasn’t being cooperative? Not wanting to pay money to the government isn’t a situation that requires a firearm.

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