“It’s Not Your Job, Dude” – Whoopi Goldberg Says Archbishop Is Not Allowed to Bar Pelosi From Communion Due to Her Support of Abortion (VIDEO)

People who even have a basic understanding of the bible and Christianity recognize that taking someone’s life unjustly is wrong and is murder. This also applies to the unborn child in the womb.

Nancy Pelosi was recently denied communion despite being a “good Catholic” because of her position on abortion.

Because of her support for abortion, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone said on Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will no longer be admitted to Holy Communion.

“Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion,” the Catechism of the Catholic Church says. “This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.”

“A Catholic legislator who supports procured abortion, after knowing the teaching of the Church, commits a manifestly grave sin which is a cause of most serious scandal to others. Therefore, universal Church law provides that such persons ‘are not to be admitted to Holy Communion,’” Cordileone wrote in the letter to Pelosi.

“After numerous attempts to speak with Speaker Pelosi to help her understand the grave evil she is perpetrating, the scandal she is causing, and the danger to her own soul she is risking, I have determined that she is not to be admitted to Holy Communion.” the Archbishop said.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Whoopi Goldberg feels like she has some authority and reason to chime in on this matter. She said, “The Archbishop of San Francisco is calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be denied receiving Communion because of her pro-choice stance … this is not your job, dude. That is not up to you to make that decision.”

Who the hell is Whoopi Goldberg of all people to tell an Archbishop what he is allowed or not allowed to do? This is a lesbian woman who hates God and Christianity, but she somehow thinks that she knows what the role of a bishop is? Does she know why he would bar Nancy Pelosi from receiving communion?

Look, I’m not a Roman Catholic, I’m a Protestant Christian, but I’m going to have to defend Archbishop Cordileone here. That is precisely his job. This is a church matter and they are to watch over the church. Receiving communion in an unworthy manner such as her blatant support for abortion would actually bring judgment upon her. This is an act of protection for one thing.

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