Judge Jeanine: Clinton Is Even Dumber Than I Thought

Hillary Clinton went on an anti-Trump offensive last week via Twitter, stating:

“I say this as a former Secretary of State and as an American: the Russians are still coming. Our intelligence professionals are imploring Trump to act. Will he continue to ignore & surrender, or protect our country?”

And the hypocrisy is astounding in that statement alone, isn’t it? So Jeanine Pirro did what she does best and went on a hard offensive of her own… bluntly stating: “The woman is even dumber than I thought” and it just continues to be gold after that.

She highlights this herself on Twitter, saying “I got an idea Hillary, since you’re so good at selling uranium to foreigners, maybe you can buddy up with your Clinton Foundation friends to sell the rest of our uranium to the Russians. On second thought– just get back into the woods. My

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am glad this woman is on our side, boy howdy! She DOES NOT mess around when it comes to this stuff. And not to pander but I hope she seriously considers running for office someday, maybe even President… I think I’d support her.

As reported by Fox News:

Pirro said Clinton was showing rank hypocrisy with the statement, calling the former first lady “even dumber than I thought.”

She said Clinton couldn’t even know for sure if Trump is not acting against the Russian threat, saying the 2016 Democratic candidate no longer has the security clearance to know such things.

In her tweet, Clinton linked to a story about NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers, and Pirro said Rogers confirmed that Trump is indeed taking defensive steps against Russian interference.

Pirro said Clinton was being hypocritical because she and her husband allegedly sold a sizable stake in American Uranium to Russians.

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