This Might Be Why Judge Jeanine Was Made A Target

During her broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” only a few months ago, host Jeanine Pirro hammered Nancy Pelosi in her show’s “Opening Monologue” segment. And if the deep state is real, and the deep state is watching, could this be what made them target her and get her in the situation she’s in?

Pirro has been all over Pelosi ever since the shutdown began for putting Americans last and illegal immigrants first.

But Saturday, Judge Jeanine laid down the gauntlet:

“So let me see if I understand this: An American mother shows a picture of a child murdered by an illegal, and Chuck Schumer and his gang they come out and show pictures of federal employees. Is there a moral equivalency here? Are you folks, schizo?”

“Are you working for Americans or illegals? Or is it that you just don’t give a damn? You vacation in Hawaii. Your buddies vacation in Puerto Rico during a shutdown and you plan a jaunt to Europe while federal employees are trying to save every dollar to buy groceries. Admit it — you don’t give a damn.”

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“Nancy, you are a hypocrite, a political operative,” Judge Jeanine added. “Your mantra: Destroy the president of the United States. ‘To hell with the taxpaying hard-working Americans. Let them eat cake. I got a junket to go on, an ego to assuage, an electorate to ignore.’”

Pirro is correct! We all love immigrants. This country was built on immigration. But it used to be that we vetted those immigrants. We looked for background and health issues. We wanted good people coming into join the American Dream!

Liberals want immigrants to come in and destroy that dream. They do not mind if dangerous diseases are coming in. They do not care if gangs and criminals are coming in.

Judge Jeanine is correct. Politicians are elected to protect our interests over their political interests. Refusal to try to work toward compromise is putting politics over people.

She previously said, “Nancy, this is just the two of us here talking. Admit it. Your big donors in California they want illegal immigrants to pick grapes. Even Cesar Chavez — you’re old enough to remember him -– fought tooth-and-nail to stop illegal immigrants to protect legal immigrants and the farm workers.

It’s all theater, folks.”

Nancy and Chuck do not care about the immigrants either. They don’t care that by encouraging immigrants to break in, that 2/3 of the women and children get assaulted, molested and raped in the process.

Pelosi does not care that an immigrant cannot participate in the fullness of the American Dream by ignoring the legal process. They cannot get a proper paycheck and have to constantly worry as they are law breakers.

Nancy and Chuck really don’t even care if $5.7 billion is spent on the border. They have wasted HUGE amounts of money in the past on much less. They have agreed on needing a partial barrier in the past!

This is all about making sure Trump has a loss. No more, and no less.

Judge Jeanine is correct! Pelosi is working for everyone else but the American people! It is a disgrace!

Jeanine Ferris Pirro is an American television host, journalist, judge, prosecutor, and politician from New York. Pirro is currently the host of Fox News Channel’s Justice with Judge Jeanine and formerly was a contributor to NBC News. A Republican, she was the first female judge elected in Westchester County.

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