KAMALA WORD SALAD: Sham VP Gets Stuck on Repeat in Rambling Remarks

Speaking well in front of large groups, especially when facing difficult questions, isn’t necessarily a barometer for intelligence. Some remarkable people melt when forced to speak in public. However, politicians are otherwise known for their gift of gab.

This is their job. Likewise, lawyers and other similar professions require a modest perfection of our speaking skills. They train for such. So, when a politician can’t stay on focus or waffles when answering questions, there’s usually a reason.

With Joe Biden, it’s because he’s a failing elder who’s on a steady cognitive decline. It’s truly sad to watch. But what’s Kamala Harris’ excuse? Harris studied law and somehow passed the Bar Exam. So, why does Harris present so poorly when on the public stage?

Her live performances during the 2020 Democrat Party presidential campaign were abysmal. Harris was out of the race before it even got started. Most experts agree that her selection to run alongside Joe Biden was strictly because of her skin color and gender.

She is an incompetent person who cheated her way to the top. Harris continues to blunder from one policy to the next. Furthermore, she does little to help her cause when opening her mouth. Americans are asking why she can’t talk coherently. One possible reason is that she’s lying.

Harris is a born liar. When people lie, they fumble for words; keep pausing, or constantly stop, pausing and repeating “uh”. Other trends include incessantly repeating the same phrase over and over again. That’s the Kamala Harris we’ve all watched on the public stage.

Her bumbling mannerisms have been the brunt of dozens of jokes. But they’re not funny. This person was picked by the Democrat power core to be second in command to an old man. She has failed so miserably that Harris isn’t even the popular choice to lead her own party forward.

One reason has to be that Harris has struggled with her remarks on multiple occasions. No one can forget how many times she repeated the phrase “root causes” during an inept explanation of her plans to address the crisis at the U.S. southern border.

There are an alarming number of similar gaffs. Mixed with Harris’ unexplainable and untimely cackling, by and large, Americans just dislike her. By all indications, when assessing why she has so much trouble in front of the microphone, it’s becoming more obvious that Harris is lying.

Mix in a healthy dose of “real-life bumbling idiot” and you have the true Kamala Harris. If these were isolated incidents, it might be forgivable. However, they are not. Harris’ baffling inability to speak is the norm.

Most recently, Harris struggled with her remarks yet again. She was speaking at the US-ASEAN (Association of Southeast Nations) Special Summit in Washington, D.C. In a brief 30-second span, Harris repeated the same phrase five times.

She said “work together” so much it not only seemed forced but completely unauthentic. That’s another key reason behind Harris’ perceived ineptitude. She’s totally unauthentic. Kamala Harris is a big fraud.

During her remarks, Harris said, “Which is why we will work together, and continue to work together, to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements that we will convene to work together. We will work together.”

We suppose she wanted to impress the point that “we will work together.” But the problem isn’t with the constant repetition of words and phrases. The problem is that Kamala Harris is unauthentic and rarely tells the truth.

Those are the key reasons why she fumbles and bumbles through every public speaking opportunity. Kamala Harris is a fraud. She always has been. Every time one of these public blunders happens, the public scorn grows.

President Trump weighed in on Harris’ latest blunders. The former president said sarcastically, “Truly one of the greatest orators of all time.” Greg Musselwhite joked, “I’m a welder, and I have heard better speakers during safety meetings.”

Remember, this is an attorney who has been afforded multiple opportunities to learn how to speak in front of people. Kamala Harris doesn’t constantly make these mistakes because she hasn’t had hundreds of chances to perfect her ability to speak.

It’s because she is a liar. Again, she is a fraud. Instinctively, when people are unauthentic and not telling the truth, it shows in their speech patterns. Harris is a classic example of a fake phony who cannot tell the truth. Americans may be faced with an even more horrific idea.

Joe Biden is slipping and slipping fast. Regardless of whether he and his crooked son escape the “laptop from hell” scandal, Biden may not make it through his entire term. Guess who’s next in line? Yep, an unauthentic, professional bullsh**ter one even worse than lying Joe is on deck.

During the third season of the TV show “Veep,” the fictional president steps aside. The fictional VP played by Louis-Dreyfus becomes president. Kamala Harris’s fumbling speeches may seem funny now. But the real joke may soon be on our nation.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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