Late Night Talk Show Host Says He Prefers Another Recession To Donald Trump

Late Night talk show host Bill Maher said that he would prefer another recession over having Donald Trump in the White House for another 4 years.

Maher said, “I’ve been hoping for a recession. People hate me for it, but it would get rid of Trump so you shouldn’t hate me for it.”

Josh Barro replied, “I mean, recessions are really bad. People lose their jobs and their homes and we shouldn’t wish for it.”

To which Maher just retorts, “I know, it’s worth it.”

What a jerk this guy is! He’s literally wishing for millions of Americans to lose their jobs and their homes and for what? So he can have a president that he likes?

Of course, he’s not too concerned about the recession; it’s not his house or job on the line. The man is worth $100 million so he won’t notice the recession a bit.

This is how bad Trump Derangement Syndrome can be. This guy is so obsessed with hating President Trump that he wishes harm on everyday hard-working Americans just so he can have another president.

And ultimately what would be the reason for this? So a Democrat can come in and “help the middle-class”? The same middle-class that he just wished would lose their homes and jobs?

From Fox News

Barro told Maher that the regular cycle of economics didn’t necessarily guarantee a recession near the 2020 election. “Recessions don’t come because they’re due. Recessions come because there’s some kind of overheating — something goes wrong in the economy,” he said.

Barro added that while the president faced a problem in the economy slowing down, he didn’t see any signs that a major recession was on its way.

“The economy won’t be as good going into the election next year probably as it has been this year or last year,” he said. When Barro predicted the economy would still experience growth, Maher indicated that would make it “tough” for Democrats to win.

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