Leftist Loonies Blame Your Beloved Pets as Part of the Problem

One would think that the climаte crazies got together on a 100-degree July afternoon and went into a full-blown panic. As the sweat poured off their brows, they all must have assumed the earth was soon going to burst into flames. It’s not.

But the underbelly of this radical, extremist ideology saw something useful. If they could convince everyday people that the world was rapidly heading towards a global catastrophe, they could pull the puppet strings.

A fearful public is far easier to manipulate. Insisting that the ocean levels are quickly going to rise over our heads will scare the bejesus out of anyone. These climаte extremists push the visual that one day soon; we’re all going to walk out the front door and fry like an egg in a skillet.

We’re not. Sure, there has been a bizarre shift in the earth’s climаte. Many scientists insist this is a natural transformation that has little or nothing to do with CO2 gases. Likewise, it’s a noble concept to push for a more pollution-friendly planet, but at what risk?

Some more astute scientists believe that global warming is both a hoax and a viable area of study. However, it’s not time to panic and send the world into a total economic collapse. That is, however, if a total collapse of society is what you’re after in the first place.

Energy costs are a quick way to trigger a global financial collapse. If the global elites can convince everyone to buy into their global warming hoax, people will do as they’re told to avoid a catastrophic end of times.

To push this narrative, climаte nutcases have blamed everything from meat eaters to the cows themselves. But these unhinged extremists have a new target to attack. Now, owning one or the other of the two most common animal types is helping to light the planet on fire.

These wackos are saying that dogs and cats are a big part of the climаte problem. First of all, we need to blindly accept that there’s a “climаte problem.” Once that happens, the radical extremists can begin working to convince us of a number of things because we’re afraid.

The climаte extremists now believe that killing off our pets is vital to saving the earth from going up in a blaze. It’s not. But what this radical idea does do is fully confirm the truth. These people are emotionally deranged.

The climаte chаnge h0аx has transformed into a cult. It’s like a religion. The corrupt mainstream media has been used to perpetrate this farce. To prove their senseless complicity, CNN recently published an insane assessment of how pets are helping cause global warming.

According to this column, “Our four-legged friends don’t drive gas-guzzling SUVs or use energy-sucking appliances, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a climаte impact. In fact, researchers have shown that pets play a significant role in the climаte crisis.”

First, you have to buy into the notion that this is a crisis. True experts do not believe that is true. To be perfectly honest, scientists say the global warming concept is a hoax, but climаte change may be worthy of debate.

However, there isn’t a crisis like the radical left would have us believe. Pets are an integral part of the human experience, just like family. The left is pushing hard to undermine the family unit. Now they’re using a climаte crisis to force people to get rid of their beloved pets.

There appears to be an ulterior motive behind their words. Of course, they immediately divert the blame from our furry little friends. These climаte crazies say it’s about the products we buy to take care of them. There’s no difference. It’s just like cow farts, a fabricated hoax.

Scientists have debunked these radical theories time and time again. But that doesn’t stop these climаte kooks. Now they’re after pet owners. If these extremists have their way, we’d all have to say goodbye to Fido and Fluffy. But just like global warming, these radicals are a big joke!

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