Legal Defense Group Files Suit Against Air Force for Withholding Information

It is not for sure that the Air Force will crash and burn over this, but they do appear to have smoke coming out of their wings. A lawsuit has been filed over a flag folding during the retirement ceremony for Master Sgt. Charles Roberson. He invited retired Master Sgt. Oscar Rodriguez to deliver a speech at the flag folding that referenced God. As you can see in the video, that must have been a big no no at Travis Air Force Base in California.

As Written by Joshua Gill for the Daily Caller:

Nonprofit law firm the First Liberty Institute filed a lawsuit against the Air Force Thursday for withholding information about the reported assault of a retired veteran for mentioning God in a speech.

First Liberty filed a FOIA request in December 2016 for information about the Air Force’s investigation into the assault of veteran Oscar Rodriguez, Jr. Several airmen kicked Rodriguez out of an Air Force base in April 2016 for mentioning God during a flag folding ceremony speech. The Air Force conducted two investigations into the ordeal when First Liberty claimed that the incident violated the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights of Rodriguez.


Air Force Sued For Withholding Info | The Daily Caller

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