Levin Tears Apart Senator Schumer

Sean Hannity had Mark Levin on for an interview where they discussed describing Sen. Charles Schumer’s (D-NY) calls for the appointment of a “independent special prosecutor” to pursue allegations of conspiracy. HA!

Schumer joined in with other Democrats in going on the record with their disdain of POTUS Trump firing James Comey, referring to it as if it were an “Nixonian obstruction of justice”.

Levin waxed rhetorical in asking Schumer why Democrats are uninterested in investigating Hillary Clinton’s negligent handling of classified intelligence in her former role as Secretary of State, when the former first lady set up a private email system to evade government capture of her communications in her capacity as head of the State Department:

I have a couple of questions, if I might, for Chuck Schumer, who is the leading demagogue in all this. Tell me something, Mr. Schumer, can you name a single Russian — just one — who colluded with Donald Trump and his campaign? Just give us one. …

I have another question for Mr. Schumer. You like these independent special prosecutors. Sean, have you noticed they all use the same phrases? We can’t trust the Justice Department to investigate. They can’t even name the FBI agents who are involved in this investigation. I am sure they are career agents who’ll do their jobs, regardless of who the FBI director is. …

Do you support an independent special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton and her multiple violations of the Espionage Act? Do you support an independent special prosecutor for the Obama administration’s surveillance and unmasking of Trump transition team members and God knows who else? The Israeli ambassador was surveilled, the Prime Minister of Israel was surveilled, members of Congress were surveilled, Jewish leaders and Jewish groups were surveilled. How about an independent investigation of that? …

How about an independent special prosecutor to investigate this whole seedy Iranian deal? With the secret deals, the ransom payments, the release of terrorists that we find out after the fact.”

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