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Liberal Journalist Jorge Ramos Makes Slip Of The Tongue – A Case For The Border Wall

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Liberal Journalist Jorge Ramos Makes Slip Of The Tongue – A Case For The Border Wall

Liberal journalists and the hard-core Democrats spend a lot of their waking hours thinking up ways to put up walls against anything President Trump proposes or approves, in particular, a wall on our southern border to stem the flood tide of migrants trying to enter the USA illegally there. However, on occasion, there is a slip of the tongue that gets through that makes a case in FAVOR of a Trump plan, as “journalist” Jorge Ramos did recently.

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A left-wing “journalist” unwittingly proved this week why President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S. southern border is a necessary tool in the fight against illegal immigration.

Speaking live Wednesday from Tijuana — where thousands of migrants, many of them reportedly young men affiliated with gangs, congregated to seek asylum — “journalist” Jorge Ramos admitted that the migrants are now hoping to exploit the lack of a border wall to simply cross illegally into the U.S.

“If you go five miles that way or 25 miles that way, the wall that you see behind me disappears. If they don’t see a legal possibility of applying for political asylum, they’re just going to go a few miles… [and] they are going to try to do it illegally,” he said to CNN host Anderson Cooper.

Listen to the whole discussion below:

He described this as a “more intelligent” way for the migrants, whom he staunchly believes deserve automatic entry into the United States, to ultimately gain citizenship.

“The Trump administration is only processing about 100 asylum applications, and with that it’ll take months for many of the people over there just to get into the United States legally. So many are trying illegal ways to get into the United States,” he argued.

The administration of President Donald Trump has been processing claims slowly to force the migrants to wait and inspire some of them to just give up and return home.

Why? Because the administration is aware that, one, most asylum claims tend to be fraudulent, and two, most of the caravan members are not asylum seekers but rather economic migrants.

“Let me just say this: Trump is the wall for them, because they realize that they cannot go to the United States legally… and they also understand that they might face tear gas again,” he continued.

Ramos was recounting what happened on Sunday, when a horde of migrants attempted to storm the San Ysidro Port of Entry and attack U.S. Border Patrol agents. Federal authorities resisted the charge by applying tear gas.

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