Loesch Calls Out Sarsour For Her “Jihad” Against Trump Call

After Linda Sarsour defended her call for a Jihad against President Donald Trump Dana Loesch decided to call her out on it, calling the move “inexcusable”.

As written for Fox News by Emily Smith:

Muslim activist Linda Sarsour defended her call for “jihad” against the Trump administration.

She appeared to say that the “jihad” she referenced was not meant as a call for violence or the like.

Sarsour said at a conference that “ugly threats” against her come from people who tend to “spout anti-Muslim … beliefs.”

She said she is attacked because she is a “Palestinian-American in a hijab.”

Radio host Dana Loesch said that, in context, Sarsour’s comments are still inexcusable.

Loesch Blasts Sarsour’s Defense of Call for ‘Jihad’ Against WH

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