Man Executes 4 Neighbors Over ‘Mind Control’ – Posts Insane Rant Claiming They Used ‘Telepathy’ to Control Him (VIDEO)

Social media has a number of algorithms to censor certain types of free speech. For example, if a Facebook or Twitter user posts something against the progressive narrative, it will be blocked, banned, or the user’s account suspended.

Clearly, the biggest social media platforms have the tools to watch what is being posted and then act instantly. So, why are there dozens of insane rants from mentally unstable people being ignored? Virtually every mass shooting suspect has a disturbing presence on social media.

Some things these mentally deranged people post signal their precise intention to commit violence. The Uvalde, Texas school shooter was so bad, friends routinely teased Salvador Ramos. They called him “a school shooter.”

Experts say Ramos exhibited “almost every warning sign.” Why weren’t the alarming posts on social media flagged as dangerous? An Ohio man just “executed” four of his Butler Township neighbors. Stephen Marlow said they were using “mind control” on him.

The truth is that Stephen Marlow had lost “his mind.” Sadly, Marlow was a sick individual who slipped through the cracks in our mental health system. Far too many do. But before murdering four innocent people, Marlow took to social media.

He went on an insane rant on Facebook. Prior to the murders, Marlow accused his victims of using telepathy to control his mind. Marlow posted a message to his family saying, “I will be launching the first counter-attack against mind control in human history.”

Really, no one saw this as a sincere cry for help? Marlow’s next statement removes all doubt. He posted, “I want to be very clear, and this will not be an active shooter event. I will be executing some of the people responsible for activating active shooters.”

Marlow finished his rant by saying, “If I happen to survive, please visit me in prison, only to see the same man you’ve almost known. I will gladly die to expose this. If I can help another targeted individual fight back against telepathy, then the sacrifice will be worth it.”

Stephen Marlow was an insane person who told everyone what he was going to do. If the family members didn’t take him seriously, why didn’t someone at Facebook? Marlow killed Clyde Knox, 82, his wife Eva Knox, 78, plus Sarah Anderson, 41, and Sarah’s 15-year-old daughter Kayla.

According to a report in The Dayton Daily News, the victims were found in two separate homes. Each home was near a residence owned by Marlow’s parents. The report said investigators were trying to determine a motive and whether “mental illness played any role.”

Again, social media can devise an algorithm to target conservative ideas, but they can’t see dangerous rhetoric from potential murderers? We call it bullsh**t. These companies could, if they really wanted to. It’s not something they care much about.

That may seem harsh, but their actions speak volumes. Lawmakers should propose legislation that could potentially hold these social media platforms liable. Start by repealing Section 230, legislation which shields social media from lawsuits for such negligence.

There have been too many instances where dozens of red flags were plastered all over users’ accounts. No one did anything. We cannot rely on the good nature of caring friends and family to do the job, obviously. Certainly, the radical left will blame this on guns. They always do.

But this is about blatant mental illness. There were multiple red flags plastered on social media. Facebook has an algorithm for everything else. Why not these situations? We’ll bet the first time someone charges them for being complicit in a tragedy, they’ll magically find one.

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