Maricopa County Gets Caught Trying to Commit Election Fraud Again

You would think that with the forensic audit that took place and all the eyes that have been on Maricopa County practically this entire year, that they would get their act together and clean up their voter rolls and really everything to do with their elections.

But, when there are Democrats that are in certain positions of authority, you’d better believe that they’re going to take advantage of elections and their power to make sure that their candidates win.

This week, Arizona State Representative Travis Grantham said that he had received a mail-in ballot for his sister that lives in California.

Nobody requested the mail-in ballot and they have tried repeatedly to get her voter registration canceled in Maricopa County. Honestly, how hard is it to do something like this? The freaking IRS knows if I move, why can’t election officials do the same?

Maricopa County’s Recorder Stephen Richer then responded back to Grantham and actually blamed voters for stuff like this.

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Well, after that, a Maricopa County resident tweeted and was retweeted by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann in which she received 4 mail-in ballots even though one of her children has lived in California for the past 10 years and the others are registered voters at their own addresses.

And it’s not just happening in Maricopa County either.

This is exactly how fraud happens because they don’t keep track of anything. Imagine running a business this way and not keeping track of inventory and just ordered whatever you think you need and shipping products out to customers who never ordered anything or to wrong addresses. That’s literally how ridiculous this is and this is a taxpayer-funded effort which means they’re just pissing away tax dollars. But by now, we all expect this of our government at any level really. They have all proven themselves to be more than incompetent.


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