Maricopa County Releases 93-Page Response and Analysis of Election Audit, Makes Stunning Admission

I think it’s funny that this happened because I just wrote last week that I haven’t heard anything about the Maricopa County audit in a while. Now, we have some updates.

Last week, the Maricopa County Elections Department released a 93-page response to the audit which took place last year initiated by the Arizona Senate.

In the audit, hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots were found which is of course a problem. They also discovered that the machines were connected to the internet which is another problem. They also found that they deleted files which is another problem. You catch the drift I’m sure.

In their response, the Maricopa County Elections Department DENIED every claim. But they did admit to one thing. They admitted that some ballots were double-counted and that there was some double voting that took place.

The report is very long, but I do think that I’ll be going through some of it to highlight some of the key points in the audit and see how they compare to what the auditors found.

But from just glancing at it, it looks like they found that there were only about 87 ballots that the Maricopa County Elections Department found to be problematic.

I think that we’ll really have an answer as to what sort of happened in Maricopa County after state Attorney General Mark Brnovich reviews both the audit report and the response from the Elections Department and makes a conclusion as to whether or not the audit is accurate or the report from the Elections department is accurate.

If we see some criminal referrals from Brnovich, then I think it’s safe to assume that the auditors were accurate in their findings. If not, either he’s just as corrupt, or there really wasn’t any strong evidence that fraud took place in Maricopa County.

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