Maricopa Drops SHOCKING Sunday Numbers — Arizona’s Incompetence Suggest the Steal is On

The Arizona election board’s performance in the two most recent U.S. elections has been horrible. Because of Arizona’s most recent Election Day blunders, the state has become the laughingstock of the country.

Days after the polls closed, the final election results have yet to be announced. This is unacceptable. Many believe this is due to Democrat Party operatives seizing control of Arizona’s election process. There have been hundreds of incidents of potential fraud.

Even more disturbing is that the current Arizona Secretary of State is herself a candidate for governor. However, Katie Hobbs declined to rightfully recuse herself from overseeing an election cycle where she would directly benefit from vote manipulation.

At a time when trust in U.S. elections is at an all-time low, what’s happening in Arizona is more serious than just two critical races. The failure of Arizona to adequately secure the integrity of the governor’s and U.S. Senate elections is sending shockwaves across the nation.

How many more states have issues with their elections? Are there instances in remote places where the same types of bizarre situations are compromising the outcome of elections? Pennsylvania’s insane early mail-in voting laws helped propel John Fetterman’s win.

Millions of Pennsylvanians had already voted before they saw Fetterman stumble and bumble his way through the only debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz. This is another example of why there must be a basic foundation for limited federal election laws. Not a federal takeover, but rules!

Mail-in voting, except in extreme absentee ballot situations, should be banned. Identification to vote should be the countrywide law. No ID, no vote. Computerized voting machines should be hauled off to the junkyard. They are unreliable and too easily hacked.

What’s transpiring in Maricopa County, Arizona, is a prime example. The county tabulations are sending up red flags that things are not right.

The number of problems proved the magnitude of total incompetence by the Maricopa County election board and Katie Hobbs. Dozens of vote tabulators crashed. Printers ran out of ink. And, rather conveniently for Democrat Party candidates, the voting lines were excessively long.

Ballot protocols were completely ignored. Republican voters were asked to simply toss their ballots into boxes. No one knows how many, if any, were actually counted. The level of incompetence in Maricopa County was astounding. But was it really “incompetence”?

The mistakes and convenient issues that arose during Tuesday’s midterm elections are all too suspicious. They mirror what happened during the fraudulent 2020 presidential election. Pennsylvania manipulated mail-in voting rules, which allowed John Fetterman to win.

Nevada had botched vote counts. Ironically, a Democrat came back to “supposedly win” a critical U.S. Senate race. However, there’s no more obvious case of purposeful manipulation than in Arizona.

Democrats are cheating. If they’re not outright miscounting ballots, they’re manipulating the election rules to heavily favor liberal candidates. Arizona’s most recent botched election proves it. But when will something be done, or will it ever? Eventually, it’s going to be too late.

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