Media Already Criticizing King Charles and His List of “Demands” for Everyday Life

Everyone is already wondering what sort of ruler King Charles III will be. Will he be like his mother? Will he be better? Worse?

Well, regardless, while the Queen’s body is still warm, people are already criticizing King Charles for the silliest things.

They are criticizing him because he only wants 1-inch of toothpaste on his toothbrush. He wants his pajamas pressed every morning. He wants his bathtub only half full with tepid water. They have determined that this man has already let the monarchy go to his head and is being unreasonable.

Now, as someone who is always trying to look at things in an objective manner, I want to try and make an argument for this being perfectly acceptable.

Let’s understand first that this man is the king of an entire kingdom that is comprised of several nations. He does have a lot to do and so it’s reasonable that someone would get his toothbrush ready. I know that I don’t like too much toothpaste on my brush, nor do I like too little. I do like a certain amount on my brush as well. Perhaps he has realized that 1-inch of toothpaste is that ideal amount. So, I think that this isn’t a big deal.

What about his bathtub being only half full with tepid water? I mean there should be some sort of  standard, right? If someone were getting my tub ready every day for me, then it would be easiest to have a standard to shoot for to avoid filling it too little or too much.

I’ve worked in several industries where we have these things called “standard operating procedures”. To me, that’s all this sounds like. They run this like a business, and to some degree it is. So, it makes perfect sense to me to have matters like this resolved beforehand.

Just think about it this way, imagine that you eat mashed potatoes every day for dinner and the server asks you how much you would like, and you tell her half a cup of potatoes. That’s great…if she’s able to ask you. You might be busy. So, what if she can’t ask you? What if there is a new server all the time? You would likely get tired of answering the same question every day. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a standard?

Call me crazy, but people are too petty and need to worry about more important things in life besides how much toothpaste the King of England gets on his toothbrush.

Photo Credit: Carl Graph

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