Melania Trump DESTROYS The Hypocritical Hosts At ‘The View’

Melania Trump’s team destroyed the hack show, The View, hosts with their own hypocrisy. It’s so strange how many liberals LOVE illegal immigrants but try to bash a legal immigrant for her accent. Shameless.

According to the Huffington Post, “Host Sunny Hostin focused on the first lady’s line that “words are important” and “accusations can lead to severe consequences” in the statement she released Thursday criticizing the op-ed that claimed people around President Donald Trump have been attempting to contain his “bad decisions.” Melania Trump called the writer a “coward” who is “sabotaging” the country.

“I recall that Melania was also a birther,” said Hostin, referring to the false claims that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S. and was therefore not eligible to run for president. “Weren’t those words very important and accusation very important?”

Host Joy Behar also noted that if words are so important, Melania Trump shouldn’t have worn a jacket that said on the back “I really don’t care, do you?” while she was on her way to visit immigrant children in Texas. The children had been separated from their parents and were being held in detention centers.

Stephanie Gisham, director of communications for the first lady, responded to a Raw Story tweet touting the segment with a tweet of her own slamming the women for being “disrespectful” and “hypocritical.” She also said they mocked Melania’s accent, which they didn’t. Host Whoopi Goldberg did warn Hostin before she read the first lady’s statement “Don’t do it,” but it wasn’t clear what she was referring to.”

As Reported By Inside Edition:

A representative for Melania Trump criticized the panelists of the “The View” after the women addressed the first lady’s response to the anonymous op-ed submitted to The New York Times by a senior official within the Trump administration.

The statement added: “Words are important, and accusations can lead to severe consequences. If a person is bold enough to accuse people of negative actions, they have a responsibility to publicly stand by their words and people have the right to be able to defend themselves.”

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